Friday, September 14, 2007

iPod Touch, iWatch, iRing, iPaper, iDot, iFuture?

How will we progress using apple's iTechnology trademarks...

The iWatch, iRing and iDot would be useful if it involved a projection or a hologram making the display bigger than its area.

I've had a thought of instead of implants, using onplants. This would be items glued to the skin with a gel that might last for a week or two and would seem less invasive than implants. It could help with technology like an iDot or a microcomputer (soon a nanocomuter) being fixed to the wrist or back of finger. Or for a phone, something glued into the outer ear area and then the microphone or nanophone glued like a beauty mark. I know what would be good for this but I am keeping it secret for a bit.

The iPaper is an obvious winner if there is not holotechnology yet as it has a larger screen - this would be OLED rollup. So without further delay - what do you think 2020 will be like? Take the Tapoll predict-a-poll and predict how other people will answer the poll at the same time you vote!


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