Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo to Buy Facebook?

I know that Microsoft, Google and Yahoo have social networks of sorts but since I don't belong to them I almost don't believe them ;-) How is that for a nice serious introduction. Or perhaps to put it another way, if they want me to join their network then I guess the easiest way is to just buy facebook.

Facebook is a platform - to some degree an organizing system. It is a little tricky because the organizing system of facebook runs on multiple operating systems - the Web being the proxy operating system I suppose. Also, is not everything really an organizing system in the first place. From a wrecking yard to a dresser in your home we are surrounded by organizing systems. All tucking things into a hierarchy. Our computer filing system is also an organizing system. So what does facebook do that is more than a filing system. It lets other people see what we have filed. It lets us share in games which is really a story along with stored data. Anyway - all this stuff is a little well, off topic maybe - but probably more important in the end - see http://www.nodism.org for more discussion.

So... the question might be, who will be most scared of losing out to the next potential leader of the organizing system - and the answer might be whoever buys facebook. In a more positive light... the question is who believes facebook is doing a very decent job and wants to spend a few billion for it. Sound crazy, but if you had a few extra billion, it might be the easiest way to 10 years of smooth sailing. Who do you think people will say will buy facebook and who do you say will buy facebook. Please vote in the predict-a-poll:

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